Love Island's Toby and Chloe are officially coming to Mayo 11 months ago

Love Island's Toby and Chloe are officially coming to Mayo

Toby's coming home.

It's official, everyone's favourite and the lovably chaotic couple from this year's Love Island are coming to Co. Mayo.


Chloe and Toby are certainly planning a trip to the emerald isle, heading to the county that is undoubtedly claiming Toby as one of their own.

Heading to Instagram stories, the footballer decided to do a question and answer session, one fan asked: "when ye coming to Ireland?"

Shocked that nobody knew he was Irish, and clearly claiming Ireland as his home, Toby told fans that the two are planning on heading over as soon as they can.


Toby said: "Can't believe no one knew I was Irish, to be honest, but when we get time, me and Chloe are going to go to Ireland."

The camera then pans over to Chloe who is driving, and she chimes in saying: "We're going to Ireland, to the Guinness place."

And with that attitude, they sound like they're in for a mad one when they do eventually get here.

During the episode of Love Island when the parents come to visit, Irish fans grew even more fond of the footballer after he was visited by his mum, who hails from Co. Mayo.


Toby became very emotional shortly after his mum Victoria and his sister Shauna arrived in the villa.

Over on Irish Twitter, it didn't take long for fans to detect Vicky's Irish accent, and Toby's official Instagram account quickly confirmed that she is indeed Irish.

In an Instagram story, the account wrote: "Toby's mum is indeed Irish. She's from a place called Mayo!"


Fellow Irish contestant Matthew MacNabb celebrated Victoria's arrival on Instagram, writing: "Tbf we do have some Irish representation on Love Island still! @tobyaromolaran mum is from Mayo."

Who knows, maybe he could bag himself a ticket to the All Ireland final yet.