Love Island's Toby says summers in Mayo were his "best memories" 1 year ago

Love Island's Toby says summers in Mayo were his "best memories"

Never go home, Toby.

Love Island runner up Toby Aromolaran has been to every corner of Ireland over the past week, or at least it certainly feels like he has.


After taking a quick trip to Mayo with his Irish mammy Victoria to visit her hometown, the mother and son made their way back to Dublin and stopped by RTÉ Radio One to tell all about their favourite memories from the west.

Living in London since 1990, Victoria said she would bring Toby back to Mayo every summer on his holidays to visit his cousins here.

"When I was a child, summer holidays come up, and my mum would just, like, throw me to Ireland," Toby said. "Like, 'Go there!' and I'd be like, 'Ok, cool'. [She would say] 'I'll be right back' and just leave! She'd go back to England!"


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"I just dropped them off and then went back!" laughed Victoria.

"We didn't have a clue until she went!" Toby added.

Not having a notion she wasn't coming back to get him for a while, Victoria would simply sneak out the front door after distracting her children.


"I'd just say, 'Go out through the back door there' - and I'd be gone out through the front!" Victoria recalled.

"They went out from morning to night and they only came back when they were either dirty or hungry so that was it."


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"That was the good old days. I was chasing frogs around in the fields, running after cows - it was weird!"

"I think you fell into a stream at one stage as well," offered Victoria.

"The best memories," Toby added at the end of their chat.

But it wasn't just Mayo he came to talk about, managing to gush about his girlfriend Chloe Burrows, who also came second on the ITV dating show.

And mum Victoria seems to be just as impressed as he is with her, saying: "[She's] The first girl he brought home. She's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful."