Love Island's Zara speaks out after being dumped from the villa 1 month ago

Love Island's Zara speaks out after being dumped from the villa

She has officially left!

Love Island's Zara Lackenby-Brown has spoken out since being dumped from the South African villa during last night's show.


Zara left the series after Tom had to choose either her or Ellie to couple up with – and he chose Ellie, leaving Zara single.

As she left the villa, Zara said: "I went in with an open mind. Tom isn’t my usual type at all so that was new to me but, I was being open minded as I knew the experience was all about pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

“I did think there could be potential with Tom. He’d told me he’d been in a long-term relationship, so I already knew he was capable of being committed. The age difference was a bit of a barrier for me – girls mature faster than guys.

“I genuinely think me and Tom calling it a day was the best thing that we could have done because we weren’t ever actually on the same page. Like a flame, we burned quick, and it was just more physical attraction.


“The fact we weren’t each other’s types intrigued us to try and make a go of it, but ultimately it didn’t work out.”

Zara also spoke about the friendships she made during her time in the villa, and that she hopes to continue them on the outside.

She said: "I got on with everybody, but definitely Tanya and Tanyel. They got me and really took the time to understand me.


“Shaq too, me and him got on like a house on fire! Everyone was lovely but those guys stood out for me.”

She went on to talk about who she thinks will last out of the couples left in the villa, to which she said: "Jessie and Will. If either of them are prepared to travel, or move, their energies really do match up, they really get along with each other.

“I do genuinely think that Tanya and Shaq will last, too.”

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