It's Madonna's 60th birthday today so here are 7 of her most iconic looks 3 years ago

It's Madonna's 60th birthday today so here are 7 of her most iconic looks

She doesn't look a day over 40.

On August 16 1958, a true icon emerged from her mother's womb into this cruel world.


Her name was Madonna and she did not require a last name. She did require the ability to change the world via music though, which is a truly rare talent.

Today is Madonna's 60th birthday - and such an occasion deserves to be recognised.

Over the course of her 60 years on this earth, Madonna has released many, many tunes, but she has also served many, many looks.

Some might even say (us, it's us), that Madonna's looks are just as important as her music is because although the charts are fleeting, cone bras are forever.

So, in order to celebrate the day that our God was welcomed into the world, here are 7 of Madonna's most iconic looks.

Please enjoy.

1. 'Like a Virgin' Madonna, 1984


Absolute scenes over here in 1984 when Madonna released 'Like a Virgin.'

There were even more scenes in 1990 when Madonna simulated masturbation on stage while performing the track.

It's Madonna like, you just got to let her do whatever.

2. Cone bra Madonna, 1990


Back in the 90s, no one wore the bras in a cone shape.

They just didn't, apparently they were impractical or something, but during her Blonde Ambition tour, Madonna started doing it, and then suddenly it was cool.

Name a more iconic look, we honestly dare you.

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3. Ringmaster/shifting the gals Madonna, 2003 

In 2003, Madonna could have lay down and accepted that some younger, arguably more relevant pop stars had stolen her iconic crown (they hadn't), but instead of doing that, she just shifted them while dressed as a goth ringmaster instead.

Did someone say iconic? Yes, they did.


The 2003 MTV music awards saw Madge join Britney and Christina on stage as they acted out some sort of faux threesome marriage ceremony.

And seeing as it was the early '00s, woman on woman action in the media was a big deal.

Very big.

4. Met Gala Madonna, 2013 

Right, there are a lot of Met Gala Madonnas to choose from but we've decided to throw in a bit of a curveball and go with this one.

Not exactly screaming we-would-wear-this-outside-and-be-happy-about-it, but it's Madonna so naturally she looks incredible.

Also, those bangs are *raised hands emoji*.

Would recommend.

5. Material Girl Madonna, 1984

That. Pink. Dress. Them. Pink. Gloves.

The video for 'Material Girl' came out back in 1984 and remains one of the most poignant Madonna videos going.

Primarily due to the look that's happening here.

6. Extremely softened 'Vogue' Madonna, 1990 

Look, there's nothing wrong with a bit of a softened filter to bring out the old flawless skin and natural beauty.

If we're talking iconic Madonna looks, we are obviously talking Madonna in the 'Vogue' music video. Obviously. 

Editing on point.

7. Boy scout Madonna, 2013

Y A S.

At the 2013 GLAAD awards, Madonna took to the stage to criticise the Boy Scouts of America organisation for not allowing gay members while wearing a boy scout uniform.

It was stunning and we're still not quite over it.

Happy birthday, girl.