Man dresses as 2007 Britney while meeting Britney and it's actually really upsetting 3 years ago

Man dresses as 2007 Britney while meeting Britney and it's actually really upsetting

Bit much, like.

"If Britney can get through 2007, you can get through today."


It's a meme as old as, well, 2007 - a reference to the time when Britney Spears shaved her head, donned an umbrella, and suffered through an emotional breakdown before the paparazzi for the entire world to see.

Britney did get through 2007 (even somehow managing to release arguably the greatest album of her career during that year),  but that probably doesn't mean that she wants to be reminded of that moment by misguided fans during meet and greets.

Unfortunately, this did happen this week as one man dressed up as Britney in 2007 to meet Britney in 2018.

The man, who met Britney at her Piece Of Me show in Sweden, wore a pair of holographic shorts, a NASA jumper, and stripy socks for his M&G photo.

He later photoshopped an umbrella into the image afterwards to complete the reference.


Britney, who looks visibly uncomfortable with the situation, stands beside the man in a black coat and jeans.

The photo was originally shared to the fan's Instagram account, where it began garnering attention from those who deemed the reference disrespectful.

After much backlash, the fan disabled Instagram comments for the photo and also changed the post's caption.

It now reads:

"You say I want visibility. Yet, you make articles about this and urge people to drag me.

"I’ll keep the picture but not the comments - you can call me names and explain your reasons by message (maybe just avoid threatening my family)."


Britney performed her Piece Of Me show at the 3 Arena in Dublin earlier this week.