Mariah Carey took the literal piss on Lorraine today and is she for real, like? 1 year ago

Mariah Carey took the literal piss on Lorraine today and is she for real, like?

Ah, Mariah.

Look, someone like Mariah Carey can literally do no wrong.

She can bang out the same tune 15 times and no one will care. She can start whistling the lyrics to her songs on stage and people won't bat an eyelid.

She can start promoting her Christmas tour in June and it'll be gr-... Oh no, wait, it won't be grand, that's where everyone draws the line, evidently.

This morning, a pre-recorded interview featuring Mariah appeared on Lorraine.

The singer chatted to Ross King about all things music, performing, and eh... Christmas.

Yeah, like she was literally sitting there surrounded by presents and festive decorations talking about her upcoming Christmas tour. In June.

C'mon, like.

Mariah's got gigs coming up in London, Leeds, and Nottingham so, yeah grand, you may as well promote them and get that sweet coin girl.

Only problem is though these gigs are happening in early December.


"I love the holidays, what can I say?" said Mariah through gritted teeth as her agent nodded solemnly in the background and her bank account remained firmly above the comfortable billion figure.

Some life.

Anyway, hearing Mariah talk openly and honestly about genuine Christmas time when it's about 25 degrees outside and we're experiencing an intense heatwave was a little more than slightly jarring.

It was harrowing. Upsetting. Hard to listen to.

It shouldn't have happened and we're sorry it did.