This is the one marriage tradition that Prince William just refuses to engage in 2 years ago

This is the one marriage tradition that Prince William just refuses to engage in

Would it annoy you?

We love it when members of the British royal family decide to go against tradition.


Meghan and Harry have become known for choosing to go against the grain, but even Prince William breaks tradition in his own way.

As we all know, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been married since 2011 (and are one of our fave couples ever).

However, the Duke of Cambridge has never been seen with a wedding ring on, defying royal tradition in married men.

Bad boy alert.

Prince William

According to podcast On Heir (which we're newly obsessed with, btw), “male members of the royal family do wear wedding rings," despite rumours to the contrary.

“The Duke of Edinburgh has worn one, Prince Charles wore the wedding ring which he had when he married Princess Diana up until his marriage to Camilla, Prince Andrew wore one until he got divorced from Sarah Ferguson and I think Prince Edward wears one.”


So you see, Prince William is going against this royal tradition.

prince william

The podcast added that Prince William is actually the only member of the royal family who doesn't wear a wedding ring!

However, despite what many people think, this is not an attempt to snub his wife.

Before the wedding in 2011, the Palace released a statement, saying: “There is only going to be one ring, in accordance with the couple’s wishes.”

“He doesn’t like jewellery, and the Palace issued a statement before their wedding saying so,” Penny Junor (a royal expert) said.