Matt Damon is in Meath now 2 years ago

Matt Damon is in Meath now

Aw, class.

Matt Damon is in Meath now - in case you weren't aware.


The Hollywood actor made a considerable amount of headlines earlier this year when he shacked up in a rather expensive Airbnb in Dalkey.

Matt Damon was here for a few months. He went to Supervalu. He hung out by the coast. He praised Leo Varadkar on Spin 1038 for working a doctor shift a week for an undisclosed amount of time which has clearly since expired.

Mat Damon wasn't here because he wanted to be. He was here because of Covid, and because he actually couldn't really leave.

Alas, he enjoyed his time in Dublin and off he flew back to the Hollywood hills. After he left, there was a hole in Dalkey. Like, an actual physical hole. A pothole. It opened up in the middle of the street the week after he left.


Anyway, he's back now and even though things are still shit, at least we can rely on the general presence of Matt Damon to get us through the day.

Returning late in August, the high profile actor kept a low enough profile this time, eventually appearing this week in Co Meath, on the set of his upcoming movie, The Last Duel.

The movie, filmed in the Irish countryside dressed as 14th century France, began production not long ago. Starring Matt Damon, Adam Driver, and Jodie Comer, the film tells the story of a Middle Aged knight who engages in a fight to the death with an ex-friend after being accused of raping his wife.


If you were interested in a glimpse, Damon was filming in Bective Abbey in Meath earlier on this week. The spot is close enough to where Braveheart was filmed back in 1995 too, so it's a decent enough shout for more A-list movies, probably.

The movie, directed by Ridley Scott, is expected to be released in 2021.