Matt Damon wasn't the only celeb obsessed with Dalkey 4 days ago

Matt Damon wasn't the only celeb obsessed with Dalkey

The place to be.

Move over Matt Damon, there's another celebrity who's giving you a run for your money.


As we all remember and will probably never forget, Matt Damon took refugee in Dalkey during the beginning of the pandemic and took a liking to the locals and more importantly, the local swimming spots.

With his Supervalu bag to hold his swimmers, the Hollywood star was welcomed with open arms and it wasn't long before he began blending in.

But it turns out he wasn't the only famous face that was obsessed with diving into the Irish Sea, as Jodie Comer revealed Dalkey holds a special place in her heart too.

Speaking to RTÉ about her and Matt's latest film The Last Duel, the Killing Eve actress said that sea swimming was the thing that "kept her sane" during filming before lockdown hit.

"What I loved, whenever I could, I'd go swimming in the sea, which was freezing," Jodie revealed.

"But it was like the best thing to do after a full day of filming or on the weekend in Dalkey.


"And it was so stunning, so that's what I remember fondly from that experience."

So there you have it, to live like the stars, you need to start jumping into the freezing cold water. We don't make the rules.

The Last Duel hits Irish cinemas on Friday, October 15th.