Maya Jama teases the return of another former contestant to Love Island 2 months ago

Maya Jama teases the return of another former contestant to Love Island

It would be iconic.

Love Island has a new host this year and just as we thought it couldn't get better, she has teased that another former islander could be returning to the show.


Maya Jama has hinted that one of this year's bombshells might be someone we can all remember as the show pulls yet another Adam Collard moment.

If you missed it last year, Adam Collard became the ultimate bombshell after he entered the villa in 2022 despite previously being on the show in 2018.

This was the first time the series had seen something like this and according to Maya, it might not be the last either.

Speaking to ITV ahead of the new season, Maya admitted that she really wants to see Theo Campbell return for a second stint.


When asked which of the former islanders she'd like to see come back to the villa, Maya replied: "Theo! I found him hilarious.

“That line about ‘leave with them’ – it was that. We were all feeling it and Theo actually said it. You need that honesty sometimes!”

Theo first appeared on the show back in 2017 and while he wasn't in the show for that long, he certainly made an impact.


And he definitely made his mark in Love Island history after Jonny was dumped from the villa when he and Tyla had to decide which one of them would leave the show.

As Tyla was left in floods of tears, she asked Jonny to wait for her on the outside as she was set to stay on the show, and it didn't sit well with Theo.

That's when he decided to give the one liner of all one liners, saying: "I think if Tyla really liked him she should go as well really."

When Jonny then kindly told him to "f*** off", Theo continued: "No I’m just saying if she really cared that’s what she’d do!”


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