Royal expert says that this is the next time we will see Meghan Markle in public 3 years ago

Royal expert says that this is the next time we will see Meghan Markle in public

We can't wait!

Last weekend, Lady Gabriella Windsor got married, and members of the royal family were there to celebrate.


However, people did notice the fact that Meghan Markle did not attend.

Fair enough, when you consider she very recently gave birth to a baby boy, Archie Harrison.

And this got us wondering... when should we expect to see Meghan out and about again?

A royal expert has claimed Meghan will probably appear in public to celebrate the the Queen’s birthday in June.


The birthday celebrations kick off with Trooping the Colour celebrations on June 8 every year.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told

"I think Meghan next public appearance will be at Trooping of the Colour because that is an absolutely key royal event."

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"I imagine she won’t miss appearing on the balcony with Harry and all the other members of the Royal Family."

Richard then compared Kate Middleton's maternity leave to Meghan's.

He said: "If you look at the timeline between Kate giving birth to Louis and Meghan and Harry’s wedding, you’ll see that Meghan’s attendance at Trooping of the Colour is perfectly possible."

"Remember that Meghan, unlike Kate, had a comparatively easy pregnancy, as far as we know."

While Meghan is likely to attend the Queen's birthday celebrations, baby Archie more than likely will not be there.

When will we see the little royal again? We have no idea.