Meghan Markle's latest look has Princess Diana written all over it 1 year ago

Meghan Markle's latest look has Princess Diana written all over it

Her bag is to die for.

Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry have headed to the Big Apple and during their trip to New York City, Meghan gave a clear nod to her late mother in law Princess Diana.


Stepping out in the most glamorous of outfits, Meghan made sure she was paying tribute to the Princess of Wales as she donned a few statement pieces during her trip.

Reigniting her wedding earrings and sporting a stunning €5,000 coat, there was one fashion piece that stood out amongst the rest.

Re-wearing the iconic Valentino white dress she wore at the Global Citizen concert, it wasn't this that had everyone talking. Pairing it with the Dior Lady D-Lite bag, it was a clear nod to Princess Diana.


The iconic Dior handbag was one of Diana's favourites and was supposedly gifted to the late royal in 1995, the same year it was first designed, by French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac’s wife Bernadette.

Originally named the Chouchou, Diana had a collection of these bags in various colours, and even wore it during her own time in New York in 1996 when she went to the Met Gala.


As Diana was so attached to the bag, it was renamed by Dior to the Lady Dior bag, the newer version Meghan was seen with and it was then relaunched in 2019 as the Lady D-Lite bag.

Not only was Meghan spotted with this handbag as a nod to Diana, but she was also seen wearing Diana’s gold Cartier Tank Française watch on Saturday.

While it was given originally to Prince William, Meghan has been spotted wearing it on multiple occasions as the brothers swapped some of their inheritance when William wanted to use his mother's sapphire and diamond ring to propose to Kate Middleton which had been given to Harry.