Meghan's dad has spoken about his role in the wedding... and it's cute 10 months ago

Meghan's dad has spoken about his role in the wedding... and it's cute

As has been well documented, he and his very famous daughter are not particularly close.

However, Meghan Markle's father - who usually shuns the limelight - has finally spoken of his role at her forthcoming wedding.

Thomas, 73, this week said he's very much "pleased" and "delighted" that his 36-year-old actress daughter will be next year saying 'I do' to Prince Harry, 33.

Indeed, when asked if he will be at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle to give away Meghan, Mr Markle asserted: "Yes. I’d love to."

However, when pressed for further detail he added in conversation with "I’m sorry. You know I can’t talk."

The father-of-three lives near Rosarito Beach in Mexico.


Recently, it was revealed that Meghan and Prince Harry are breaking royal tradition... because she has been invited to spend Christmas with the Queen.

US Weekly has reported that the Suits actress is going to spend some of the festive holiday with the Queen as Harry's fiancée.

Generally, only spouses are permitted to spend Christmas with the Queen so it's clear that the rules have been very much broken in this instance.

An insider told the publication that this is "a first" for the family.

“Given that Meghan doesn’t have family in the UK, it’s only right that she spends Christmas with Harry and his," they said.

“Harry asked the queen for permission last month and she is delighted to have Harry bring his fiancée.

"It is a family occasion, after all, and Meghan is very much family now.”