Michael has officially been dumped from Love Island and he has a LOT to say 4 months ago

Michael has officially been dumped from Love Island and he has a LOT to say

He is gone.

It has been a dramatic few weeks for Michael on Love Island but he has officially left the villa. The three couples who were least popular with the public were Michael and Francesca, Chris and Harley and Anna and Jordan.

However, it was Michael and Francesca that bid farewell.

Of course, the firefighter had a lot to say after his exit, and it seems like he still wants to rekindle things between him and Joanna.

He said that some of his highlights were, "making some of the best friends I’ve ever made and doing some of the funniest challenges ever.

"Making a friend in Amber, and also finding Joanna. Anton from day one I knew would be a great friend – when he said he wanted to couple up with me, I knew we would get along really well. I also had great bonds with Danny, Jordan, Curtis and Tommy," he said.

He said that his biggest challenge was, "probably when Casa Amor happened and me and Amber fell out. Not actually speaking to her was really challenging.

He continued: "We were really good friends and I felt like, because of the tension between us and the fact I was trying to move on with Joanna, it made it a lot harder. Getting past that was difficult."

When it comes to Amber and Greg however, it seems like he's taking back what he first said about them not being a good fit for each other.

"I did say I didn’t see Amber and Greg lasting but having spoken to her since I have seen more of them and seen how nice he is. Any conversation I’ve had with him has been really sweet and he has been so respectful about the situation.

"I said she needs to get to know him and give him a chance. Having seen them together more I see it working. He makes her smile and makes her laugh and she hasn’t instantly put her walls up with him. When I see him make her smile, it makes me smile."