Model poses for Insta photo in business class, is exposed by passengers 1 year ago

Model poses for Insta photo in business class, is exposed by passengers

Influencers gotta influence.

An Instagram model has been caught trying to pull the wool over her followers' eyes, after posing for pictures in the business class section of a plane despite the fact that she was actually sitting in economy class.


Instagrammer Oceane El Himer tried to dupe her 846,000 followers into thinking that she was living a more lavish lifestyle than she actually was by posting a picture of herself in a luxurious-looking business class seating area on a flight from Dubai to Monaco.

However, after posting the picture of her wearing a rather unique outfit in business class, another passenger on the flight recognised her sat in economy, wearing the exact same recognisable clothes. How unfortunate.


In the age of smartphones, everyone is a photographer, and you can't get away with pulling a stunt like that nowadays Oceane.

She should be owning the economy class, bragging about that. Don't be ashamed of sitting in the normal seats, like 99% of people. Get them involved in the photo as well. Be an influencer of the people Oceane!

And you're only going to get rumbled for your deception anyway. When you have almost 850,000 Instagram followers, wear purple joggers and mysteriously disappear to business class for 5 minutes, you're going to get noticed.