Mollie King's X Factor Auditions Have Emerged Online 6 years ago

Mollie King's X Factor Auditions Have Emerged Online

Mollie King is a bit of a fashion maven and even launched an edit with high-street store Oasis but after watching these clips, we're questioning her style.

The Saturdays star auditioned for the X Factor twice, in 2005 and 2007, and for some unknown reason, the clips are getting a lot of attention today.


Mollie belted out I Just Want To Make Love To You and although Simon and Louie didn't seem to have a problem, Sharon called her out on one thing in particular.

The judge was far from impressed with Mollie's attire telling her that she was "dressed totally inappropriately".

That didn't put Mollie off and she was back two years later as a member of girl group Fallen Angelz.


It clearly didn't go too well as later that year, she joined The Saturdays and well, you know the rest.

If you don't, the below video shows her hanging out with her gal pals Vanessa, Rochelle, Una and Frankie.