Molly Mae Hague describes finding lump "the size of a golf ball" on her breast 11 months ago

Molly Mae Hague describes finding lump "the size of a golf ball" on her breast

Close call.

Molly Mae Hague has opened up about the moment she discovered a lump the "size of a golf ball" on her breast.


After undergoing surgery last year to removed the lump, a biopsy revealed that the 22 year old had a lump that had grown more than she was originally led to believe.

Revealing her discovery to her followers at the time, she wrote on social media: "We should always be checking our boobs, checking for lumps so we can make sure they’re all ok and get them removed if needs be.”

Now, Molly Mae has given a little more detail on her ordeal, replying to a fan during a Q&A session who asked about her experience finding the lump.

Molly-Mae replied: “This is obviously a really serious one. I’m really sorry that you found a lump. I know it can be so scary. I was literally in bed when I found mine.”


“I was like lying in bed with Tommy [Fury] and sort of lying really far back and sort of went like that [cupped side] on my boob and I literally felt it. Honestly, I think when you find a lump you sort of think, ‘how have I not felt this before?”

“It must have come around so quickly, how have I not noticed it before? Mine was literally, it felt like a literal golf ball. It felt huge."

“Actually at first, they recommended that I didn’t have the lump removed at all,” the Love Island star continued.


“They said it was something called a fibroadenoma and it’s benign and not serious, but I think that as a woman to have to just live with a huge lump in your boob, for me it just didn’t sit right.”

“I think when you know something is not right with your body you just know and I didn’t want to just sit and wait for years to come for the lump to potentially turn into something sinister.”