Molly Mae Hague speaks out about her home being "emptied" after robbery 1 year ago

Molly Mae Hague speaks out about her home being "emptied" after robbery

She spoke very candidly.

Molly-Mae Hague has opened up about the terrifying burglary of her Manchester flat that she shares with boyfriend Tommy Fury.


Speaking openly about the incident on her YouTube channel, the Love Island star said that it was the "worst thing" that has ever happened to them.

Revealing their home had been "ransacked" and "emptied", the robbers took nearly €1 million worth of valuables from her home as she was on a trip to London a few weeks ago.

She added that she and Tommy have since moved out of the flat, scared to return to the scene.


She said: "It was without a doubt the worst thing that’s ever happened to me, to us, I’d probably say.

"It was just awful, horrendous, terrible. So we have been dealing with a lot.

"Our apartment was robbed, ransacked, emptied. You name it."

The couple were "left with not a lot of stuff at all" and Molly-Mae is now saying the incident is making her re-evaluate how she uses social media.


"I never thought if I was to be robbed that I would feel guilty for being robbed," she said.

"But I think seeing a lot of things on social media and seeing a lot of people’s opinions about why we were robbed, I started to feel like, god, was this my fault?

"Do I share too much? Did I do the wrong thing?"


While she has admitted that her job as an influencer is to share her life and it's what she is "paid to do", she now has to find the balance.

"I share every aspect of my life with you. The things I buy, where I live, what I do with my boyfriend, where I’m going," she added.

"It’s really, really hard to find that balance between sharing so that you guys want to keep up with my life and see what I’m doing, but also keeping my life private so that I stay safe and I think I potentially maybe lost that balance.

"It’s nobody’s fault, it’s just a truly, truly awful thing to have happened."