Nicky Byrne denies that he thinks Little Mix's performances are 'sexual' 11 months ago

Nicky Byrne denies that he thinks Little Mix's performances are 'sexual'

He says that his comments we're picked up incorrectly.

Nicky Byrne has taken to Twitter to clear up comments he made - or didn't make - about Little Mix.

The Mirror recently published a piece claiming that Nicky said the girl band's performances were too "sexual" and questioned at what age children should be exposed to their concerts.

The quote from the star read: "If you go to a Rihanna ­concert, she is probably going to be wearing very little clothes and it is all very ­sexual. So at what age do you allow your daughter to experience those kinds of visuals? Little Mix are the same, they are very provocative."

However, the Westlife star took to Twitter this morning to say that he never said those words, and was obviously picked up wrong.

"To clear up a recent article. I have never seen Little Mix in concert. I have played them a gazillion times on my radio show in the past and think they are a brilliant pop band, one of the best around in the past 7 years in fact [sic].

"In a recent interview when Mark was mentioning Rihanna and wondering when would it be appropriate to let his daughter watch the show, I, having seen Rihanna live at the Aviva Stadium (world class show) tongue and cheek said I went to Rihanna and you would know when you're going to see her it's gonna be firstly, a brilliant show - sexual yes!" he said.

"Yes you have to decide when to allow your young daughter or son to go along. In the interview maybe one of the other lads mentioned Little Mix, but like I said I have never seen any of their shows."

He finished by saying he hopes everything is cleared up and told Little Mix to "keep doing your thing."

Little Mix will take to the 3Arena tonight, Thursday and Friday. Doors open at 6pm.