Nicky Byrne pays a heartfelt tribute to his father on tenth anniversary 3 years ago

Nicky Byrne pays a heartfelt tribute to his father on tenth anniversary

His father was just 60-years-old when he passed away.

Nicky Byrne has paid tribute to his dad on social media to commemorate the tenth anniversary of his death. The singer took to social media to say he misses his dad "everyday."


The Westlife star was left heartbroken when his father passed away in 2009 after suffering from a heart attack.

In an emotional post on Instagram, he said: "Sometimes life can blind side you when you’re least expecting it, derailing everything you ever knew. This was the case at this time on this day 10 years ago when we lost a very special man suddenly to a heart attack (sic).

"A Dad like no other - a soul mate to my mam, a friend, a neighbour, a brother, a work colleague and so much more," he said.


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"With my Mams help, Dad taught me many, many things, how to walk, run, cycle, kick a ball, score a goal, catch a ball, pass a ball, Sing (debatable) draw, drive, paint, fight when necessary, stand up for myself when required, also to fish, pick up spiders."

He continued: "He taught me to live, love and respect others and most of all showed me how to be a man, a gentleman. We miss him everyday. He had a smile that could light up anyone’s day, patience to be envied and a hug that made the darkest of moments disappear. As a child I loved being up high on his shoulders.

"10 years on, a little easier yes, but never the same without you. Thanks Dad. Love from all of us."


Along with the post, Nicky shared some lovely photos of him with his father at various times throughout his life including his when he was young, at his wedding, with Westlife as well as pictures with his family.