Noel Gallagher calls Prince Harry a "f*****g woke snowflake" in interview 1 year ago

Noel Gallagher calls Prince Harry a "f*****g woke snowflake" in interview

Is there anyone he doesn't slag off these days?

Noel Gallagher has gone in on Prince Harry in an interview with The Sun. Hardly going to be giving him a glowing review in that particular media space is he?


Speaking to the paper recently, the 54-year-old gave a pretty brutal assessment of the Duke of Sussex, calling him “a f*****g snowflake” and criticising him for “dissing” his family in public. Bit rich coming from you init!?

The older Gallagher brother's interview was, unsurprisingly, littered with a comical level of expletives but, from what we can make out, he described Harry as a “f*****g a***hole”. He said he sympathises with his big brother, Prince William, for having to put up with his sibling “shooting his f*****g mouth off.” Right, come on now, you've gotta be pulling our legs?

He went on to say of William: "I feel that f*****g lad’s pain [...] “He’s got a f*****g younger brother shooting his f*****g mouth off with s*** that is just so unnecessary. I’d like to think I was always the William.”

It would seem the blatant irony is lost on Noel, either that or his ego is now so inflated that he'll literally insert his own skewed experience into any discussion.


In fairness, Noel has always been pretty vocal about the Royal Family as a whole: Speaking on Matt Morgan's 'Funny How?' podcast last year, he said “They’re quite mad, the royal family [...] What a terrible f***ing s*** life they must lead. It’s just service, what a load of w***.”

The 53-year-old continued: “We grow up thinking what a life they lead, living in Buckingham Palace with f***ing boring c***s all day, what a f***ing s*** life. Can’t go anywhere, can’t do anything. F***ng going to Kenya on holiday.”

That enough asterisks for you? Thought so.


Speaking then on Harry, specifically, he jibed: “Prince Harry, surely no one takes him seriously? He’s just a mad little kid”, adding that more generally, “I don’t like do-gooders in general, they f***ing wind me up.”

He continued by saying, “Just don’t be f***ing dissing your family because there’s no need for it" - again, pot, kettle, black - before adding: "This is what happens when you get involved with Americans. As simple as that.” Ah, irony mixed with some casual xenophobia, nice.