Oprah reveals her secret to happiness and it may surprise you 2 years ago

Oprah reveals her secret to happiness and it may surprise you

It can be tough to find the time to unwind from everyday life.

Once we finish doing one thing, it’s time to move on and do the next thing.


Life sometimes feels like an never-ending list of stuff to do.

It's tricky to find time to just take a break, but that's exactly what Oprah has said is her secret to happiness.

The media mogul revealed the reason why she is so content is because she takes time out of her schedule to sit around and literally do nothing.

Yeah you heard us, she likes to do absolutely zilch to gather her thoughts. We love this woman, she is so relatable.

The sixty-four year old ensures she takes time out from doing all the usual hectic things that life throws at her.

And she’s not just talking about a few minutes a day, she takes as much time as she needs.


In an interview with Vogue, the TV host said:

“Most people don’t even know what makes them happy. But I can just sit on my porch and I’ll start reading a book and then realise, Okay, I’m not reading any more. I can just take it all in. I can just be.”

As you know, switching off is a lot easier said than done. But, there are many benefits to doing so from lowering blood pressure to reducing stress levels.

We think Oprah is on to something here, ladies. Maybe we should all take a leaf out of her book.