Ouch! Prince William had a pretty harsh answer when asked if he watches The Crown 3 years ago

Ouch! Prince William had a pretty harsh answer when asked if he watches The Crown

Prince William really didn't hold back.

The Crown returns to Netflix on Sunday, November 17 and if we're honest, we're counting down the days until season three arrives on the streaming site.


The latest instalment sees Olivia Coleman take on the role of Queen Elizabeth II and judging by her stellar performances in Broadchurch, Peep Show and The Night Manager, we're in for a TV treat.

As part of pre-promotion for the popular show, Olivia appeared on The Graham Norton Show last Friday and conversation soon turned to the royal family.

Unsurprisingly, considering they're the main focus of the show.


It turns out that Olivia actually met Prince William at a dinner recently where the subject of The Crown might be described as the elephant in the room.

It seems that he was about to ask Olivia what she was up to at the moment before remembering just what she's been working on and saying "actually, I know what you’re doing".

Of course, the actress was only delighted to hear that he was aware of the series and her upcoming role and so she asked the prince, and future King, if he's been watching.

His answer was a very firm "no" which could be described as a little harsh.


While he's not a fan of The Crown, Olivia described him "as charming and lovely" which is nice all the same...we just really wanted to think that he and Kate were mad for a binge-watch, just like the rest of us.

Prince William

It's thought that season three could prove more controversial than series one and two with Prince Charles' love life just one of the topics featured.

Princess Diana will also be introduced for the first time, played by Emma Corrin of Pennyworth and Cesare fame.


Roll on Sunday, we're clearing all plans...