So Paris Hilton actually RUINED Love Island for fans last night 3 years ago

So Paris Hilton actually RUINED Love Island for fans last night


Last night, we all waited with baited breath in front of the TV screen to find out the winners of Love Island.


And while Jack and Dani were the favourites to win, you just never know.

However, anyone that follows Paris Hilton had no doubt in their mind.

paris hilton

Why? Because she basically announced the winner before Love Island managed to.

Yep, the former Simple Life star tweeted before the winner was announced, spoiling the surprise for all.

"Congrats @Dani_MasDyer and @Jack_Charlesf on winning @LoveIsland you both deserve it!" she tweeted.

The thing is, she tweeted before the actual winners were announced on screen.



She tweeted her congratulations, and very quickly deleted it - but not before a wise user managed to screen shot the tweet.

"Did Paris Hilton just reveal the winner of #LoveIsland?"

She sure did. But sure look, we won't hold it against her.

However, a number of people were not as forgiving as I am...


"You ruined it already @ParisHilton."

Others were very curious about why Paris Hilton actually knew the winners.

"How did Paris Hilton know Dani and Jack won #loveisland before it was aired? Either a fix or a very big mouthed producer friend!"

"How did @ParisHilton know before it was announced???? #loveisland I don’t care but I’m soooo happy they won!!"

"Does @ParisHilton know something we don't? That's hot! #LoveIsland."

Either way, congrats to Jack and Dani, right?