People are losing their sh*t over a photo shared by Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson 5 years ago

People are losing their sh*t over a photo shared by Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson

Made in Chelsea fans are RAGING.

If you're a MIC fan, you'll know all about Louise Thompson and Alix Alfus' relationship and how it turned rather sour over the last couple of months.


They've now broken up but things got very messy with Alix wanting to try again and Louise wanting to move on from the relationship.

Anyway, fast forward to this week, and a photo posted by the reality TV star to her Instagram account earlier today.

It shows Louise posing with her personal trainer, Ryan Libbey, whom she's dating according to reports.

Lousie shared the image, which shows Ryan gazing adorably at her, with the caption "little and large".

The comments on the photo show that some people aren't too impressed by the fact that Louise has a new boyfriend, and they weren't afraid of expressing their opinions.


One person wrote:

"Why are you with this man @louise.thompson so disappointed with you. With all @al_alfus did for you, stood by yu through all your cheating ways. this is how you pay him".

Another commented:

"New man ? This was quick!!!"

Someone else said:


"Wait who is this DUDE ARE U SPOILING IT I haven't caught up".

However, not everyone had the same reaction and this Instagram user jumped to Louise's defence:

"You only think it was quick because of how its filmed - we didnt see alik for a very long time, it could have been six months ago that she called it a day and many months they were seperated. Dont be so judgemental [sic]".

Others were just concerned about where Louise's dress was from, asking:


"Hi Louise where is your dress from?"

"Where is this outfit from?!"

Louise hasn't yet confirmed when she and Ryan started dating but in a recent interview with new! magazine, she said that they got to know each other when she was going through a tough time with Alix.

She also said that it was refreshing to date someone who didn't know anything about the show which sounds a lot like how Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green started out.

Perhaps Ryan will make an appearance on MIC next season...