People are losing it over Lana del Rey wearing a Shein dress on the red carpet 6 months ago

People are losing it over Lana del Rey wearing a Shein dress on the red carpet


Lana Del Ray is making headlines and it's not for a reason we might all think.


Over the weekend, the singer stepped out on the red carpet along with an array of other famous faces, her choice of outfit brought her a lot of attention.

While she looked as good as ever, the place she made her latest purchase was from none other than Shein - and honestly, we don't blame her.

Lana styled a baggy DNC jacket over an $18 printed Shein dress and tall suede boots to tie the look together.


And of course, as the internet usually does, it had a thing or two to say about her look, and thankfully most people loved it and the idea of it.

One person wrote: "absolutely losing my mind at Lana Del Rey wearing an $18 Shein dress to the Variety Awards."

Another said: "Lana Del Rey stuns in SHEIN on the #VarietyHitmakers red carpet."


A third added: "Lana Del Rey is worth $30 million and is allegedly wearing SHEIN to the Variety Brunch and went to Dillard’s last-minute at her mall for the Grammy’s. She’s iconic."

With a fourth simply put: "LANA DEL REY IS MY GOD."


As everyone praised her for her budget outfit, one person noted it wasn't the first time she did something like this.

Rumour has it that she wore an Aidan Mattox dress she got at the very last minute to the Grammys in 2020.

Making it look as if it was custom couture, she allegedly bought it before the biggest night in music at a shopping centre beforehand. Incredible.