Is Blake Lively pregnant and what did her cryptic Instagram post mean? 4 years ago

Is Blake Lively pregnant and what did her cryptic Instagram post mean?

Not totally outside of the realm of possibility, in fairness.

Last night, Blake Lively played a little game of hangman.


She put a couple of pics up on Instagram, asking people to play with her and guess what words she was trying to spell.

The game started off a little something like this.

Could legit be anything right?


Yeah, it could... so people started guessing.

And, understandably, a lot of those guesses were pregnancy related because people love a good celebrity pregnancy announcement.

Among the guesses were 'baby Reynolds on board' 'baby Reynolds no. three,' and 'baby Reynolds is coming' - the last of which doesn't even fit the spaces but sure OK, whatever.

Blake went on to fill in one of the blanks.


... And people were none-the-wiser, obviously.

Blake and husband Ryan currently have two children together - three-year-old James and one-year-old Ines.

And it wouldn't entirely beyond the realm of possibility that the Gossip Girl star would be pregnant again either seeing as the pair have said in the past that they'd like more children.


As it turns out though, she's not.

This is what the hangman said.

Legit nothing pregnancy related at all.

Instead, the post was all about Blake's upcoming movie, A Simple Favour. 


The film's a thriller where, undoubtedly, something happens to Emily and people need to figure out what.

Blake's gone all out and deleted every single post on her Instagram too as promo for this movie so, you know, it's gotta be good.

... Or not. The movie is still in post production so we don't actually know a lot about it other than it's directed by Paul Feig, Anna Kendrick plays a 'mommy vlogger' and Blake Lively goes missing.

Sounds class.