Broadcaster says Phillip Schofield's mental health must be considered 3 months ago

Broadcaster says Phillip Schofield's mental health must be considered

"We have to remember that at some point, it's vultures circling the prey."

The Phillip Schofield saga has been making headlines for over 10 days now with ITV launching an external investigation into his affair with younger male colleague.


However, amid all the TV debates and articles about the scandal, is a man who has lost his 30-year career in a matter of days and all his credibility.

Although Phillip Schofield labeled the affair "unwise but not illegal" it was wrong and ITV seem to be taking it very seriously.

The scandal has also exposed the ITV working culture as "toxic".

Former This Morning contributor and resident doctor, Dr Ranj recently spoke out and called out the company for allowing "bullying and discrimination".


According to The Mirror, he said he felt like he was managed out for whistleblowing and confronting management.

Former This Morning co-star, Eamonn Holmes has also echoed these claims in his many statements made over the past week.

Now, a topic being discussed focuses on Phillip Schofield's mental health.

Speaking on Talk TV last night was contributor, Esther Krakue who said she believes the external investigation being launched to discover who knew what about the confirmed affair, is not necessary.


Esther Krakue is a writer and broadcaster whose work has been featured in the Daily Mail, the Daily Express and Spiked Online.

Although ITV is a publicly listed broadcaster, it's still privately funded unlike the BBC, so Esther believes this level of enquiry is not needed.

Credit: ITV.

Esther compared this kind of bullying to what the late Caroline Flack experienced.

She said: "I think we're risking throwing Phillip Schofield under the bus.

"Clearly what he did was wrong, he was in a position of power. I think the biggest issue was his connections in getting this young runner the job at ITV.

"We know this was a young person who was enamoured by Schofield and that dynamic was very toxic however, we have to remember that at some point there's going to be a situation where it's vultures circling the prey here."

Phillip released a statement last weekend admitting to his wrong doing and his lies.


Esther compared this kind of bullying to what the late Caroline Flack experienced.

She said: "We have to remember that he is still a human being. It was this kind of bullying that took out Caroline Flack.

"His mental health must be under an enormous amount of strain because while he was wrong, he has lost so much.

"He's lost his credibility that he has built over the last thirty years, he's no longer hosting award shows, he's been dropped by the Prince's Trust and he's had his privacy invaded.

"I think enough is enough, this enquiry is not necessary. This is not the BBC. This highlights what happens when you have inappropriate relations at work."

The investigation process will create a timeline of facts to determine who knew about Phillip's affair and a number of ITV bosses and staff will be questioned.

Holly Willoughby's job as host of This Morning is also reportedly in question.


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