PICS - Feast Your Eyes On Britney Spears' $8.9 Million Mansion 5 years ago

PICS - Feast Your Eyes On Britney Spears' $8.9 Million Mansion

For those of you who are fans of both lavish properties and Queen Britney Spears, this post will be a true delight.

Britney is selling her Mediterranean-style mansion for $8.9 million and it is the epitome of Hollywood luxury.



(Ok, look at the Romanesque arches in her living room. LOOK AT THEM. Nothing has ever been spilled in this room.)


(Aerial View. The SIZE OF THIS GAFF, LADS.)  Britney-Spears-Home-For-Sale-In-Thousand-Oaks-CA-Office

("Step into my office, bitch." - Britney Spears in her office probably.)

Listed on Trulia, the Thousand Oaks home (which was built in 2010) she bought in 2012 measures a staggering 8,456 square feet and has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

giphy (2)


(This is how I imagine she is in her house every day. Via Giphy)


(Imagine Britney in here, making her paleo meals.)

There are three separate bedroom wings (kids, Britney, and guest) and the kitchen is magnificent and mostly marble.

giphy (1)


("Guys I am SO RICH." via Giphy)

Also, guys we need to discuss this breathtaking 180-degree view of the Santa Monica mountains.


The property also has two large walk-in closets, two offices, a spa shower and a games room.


I honestly need to go for a cold shower after looking at these pictures, and I suggest you do similar.


(Me, looking at Britney's house.)

(All images via Trulia)