Police arrest man who sent death threats to Jodie Comer 1 month ago

Police arrest man who sent death threats to Jodie Comer

He is on bail.

A man in France has been arrested after he allegedly sent death threats to actress Jodie Comer.


The 44 year old French man allegedly sent messages to the Killing Eve star saying how he was going to travel to the UK and kill her.

She first contacted police over the incident back in June after Jodie and her family received the death threats online.

The man in question was arrested when authorities stormed his home in Roubaix, northern France, after he had threatened to "come to England to create carnage."

IT experts managed to find the man's location and armed forces arrived at his home during a raid and seized a variety of computer files and tech equipment.

The arrest was confirmed in Lille, with a spokesperson saying: "Following an official approach by the British authorities, a man was taken into custody for acts of harassment against an English actress."

The Daily Mail alledges that the man began sending the messages to Jodie via social media and then it escalated to her family members too.


A police source told them: "There is clearly of great concern because someone has been sending death threats to the actress.

"Police here were first contacted by British police on June 30 and asked to make inquiries, before the arrest.

"The investigation involves threats and harassment made via social media and email to the actress Jodie Comer, and members of her family."

The man is currently on bail as prosecutors and police await the results of a medical examination.


Jodie took some time off social media between June 7 and July 20 while the investigation was underway, but has since returned but with limited comments allowed on her page.