Prince Harry praised for perfect response to a question about his family life 1 year ago

Prince Harry praised for perfect response to a question about his family life

Prince Harry has been praised for his response to a question about missing an important family moment.

Royal reporter Rhiannon Mills has spoken about how her first encounter with Prince Harry showed her straight away what type of person he is.

The father of one lost his own mother, Princess Diana, when he was just twelve and of course, this had a massive impact throughout his life.

When asked how he felt about missing Princess Charlotte's birth, his brother Prince William's second child, his response was honest and open.

Straight from the heart, he referenced how his mother's death meant that he had to grow up fast and it really sums up how his childhood was taken away from him at such an early stage of his life.

"Look when you’ve been in the Army and when you lost your mother at the age that I did, you toughen up".

Prince Harry

Rhiannon made the comments while chatting on Sky News podcast Behind the Headline: The Royals with Rhiannon Mills recently.

The Sky News reporter said that she posed the question to Prince Harry during her first meeting with him and was taken aback.

Rhiannon said that she asked him how he felt about missing such a "big moment" for his brother and sister-in-law and she couldn't get over his response.

It struck her that it was a great answer to have when this was their very first conversation and she praised him for it.

"It gave me an insight into the kind of man that he was in that he will be very open".

The royal expert also said that Prince Harry is "down to earth" and "candid" which isn't all that surprising given how popular he is.