Prince Harry's ghostwriter opens up about heated argument at 2am over edits 4 months ago

Prince Harry's ghostwriter opens up about heated argument at 2am over edits

Prince Harry's ghostwriter J.R. Moehringer has opened up about a heated 2 AM argument with the royal over edits to his memoir 'Spare'.

The explosive tell-all was released in January and detailed a lot of shocking claims made by Harry about his family that stunned the world.


The author has now admitted that it wasn't all plain sailing when it came to writing the book and that he often clashed with Harry over some of its contents.

Writing for The New Yorker, Moehringer recalled a 2 am Zoom call about edits to the book and it ended in a tense row.

The conversation was regarding an excerpt from the book where Harry speaks about terrorism training by military personnel posing as insurgents.

Prince Harry Credit: Getty Images

During the hostage situation, one of the "captors" made a "dig" at Harry's mum, the late Princess Diana.

Moehringer recalled Harry wanting his response to the comment to be included in the book, but Moehringer argued that it would "dilute" the story.

“My head was pounding, my jaw was clenched, and I was starting to raise my voice,” he recalled.


“And yet some part of me was still able to step outside the situation and think, ‘this is so weird. I’m shouting at Prince Harry’.

“Although this wasn’t the first time that Harry and I had argued, it felt different.”

He went on to explain that Harry insisted the line would be included because "all his life, people had belittled his intellectual capabilities, and this flash of cleverness proved that, even after being kicked and punched and deprived of sleep and food, he had his wits about him”.

Harry eventually backed down and agreed that the line was left out.



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