Prince William seriously upset Kate Middleton way back in Christmas 2007 1 year ago

Prince William seriously upset Kate Middleton way back in Christmas 2007

Prince William and Kate Middleton are hugely popular and their many fans love hearing about their day-to-day lives.

Today, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very happily married with three children but way back in 2007, things were a little bit rocky between them.


Christmas can be a tumultuous time for any couple, trying to decide where to spend the festive season, making sure you see enough of each family and yeah, it can cause a fair few fights.

It seems as though Kate and Will experienced the very same dilemma and it was tough for them too.

According to reports, Kate invited her boyfriend to spend New Year's Eve with her family, he agreed and all was well in the world.

kate and william

However, he apparently changed his mind at the very last-minute and understandably, his other half was very upset. To be fair, we would be the same if in that situation.

Prince William decided to spend the holiday at Sandringham, the Queen's royal estate in Norfolk, with his family but as Kate was not yet a member of the royal family, she was unable to do so.

According to The Express, Kate was left 'tearful' at his decision and yeah, we can see why.


Prince William

The distance between them made it more difficult for them to spend time together and so following on from a difficult Christmas, cracks began to show.

The couple broke up in April 2007 but were reunited in June of that year and as the saying goes, the rest is history.