Prince William used a very different name back in his uni days 2 years ago

Prince William used a very different name back in his uni days

We did not know this.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their third child in April, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married in May and all in all, it's been a big year for the royal family.

During this time, some random pieces of trivia have come to light including Kate Middleton's adorable gift for the Queen.

The latest information relates to Prince William and more specifically, the name he used when attending college.

Apparently, the prince used an alias while at university to ensure he wouldn't be treated differently by his peers.

According to Hello! magazine, Prince William enrolled at St Andrews, a college in Scotland under the name William Wales but went by 'Steve'.

Steve, I mean, come on. What on earth is the link there? I for one would love to ask him.

The popular celebrity-focused publication reports that he was commonly known as Steve to his friends and it stuck as a nickname.

It seems Harry also used another name, on social media at least.

From 2008 to 2012, he reportedly had a Facebook account under the name 'Spike Wells' to keep in touch with family when travelling.

However, he was then advised to delete it for security reasons after pictures of him partying in Las Vegas circulated on the internet.

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