Princess Anne's reaction to Prince Philip's car crash has been called 'miserable and cold' 2 years ago

Princess Anne's reaction to Prince Philip's car crash has been called 'miserable and cold'

What do you reckon?

Princess Anne is being chastised because of her reaction to Prince Philip's car crash.


Prince Philip, Princess Anne's 97-year-old father, was involved in a collision last week.

Thankfully, he was not injured, but a lot of people are questioning whether or not Philip should be allowed to drive at his age.

Anyway, Princess Anne did a public appearance in Lancashire last Friday, where she was asked about her father, and how he was post crash.

princess anne

She said: “I’ve no idea, you know where I am, the same place as you."

And some people think that the reaction was quite harsh.

Australian podcast “Royals” had journalists Rebecca Hyde and Angela Mollard discussing the topic.


Angela said: “Can you believe it? This is why the royal family get such a bad rap.”

“This is the Duke of Edinburgh’s daughter, his own child coming out with such a sharp-tongued response.”

Rebecca interjected, saying: “So cold!”

Then Angela carried on: “She’s the one who least likes mixing with the plebs."

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"The Queen brought in the policy that they would do the hand-shakes and the walkabouts. Anne has never been keen on it."

“Anne absolutely loathes it, she refuses to shake hands with people and makes waspish comments all the time about the fact that people have their mobile phones and are taking pictures.”

Frosty enough of them.

And despite all of the above, Princess Anne was still the hardest working member of the royal family in 2018.

The Princess Royal beat out her mother, the Queen, and her brother Prince Charles to take the title.

All in a days work.