Princess Charlene in "very vulnerable" condition, says father 1 year ago

Princess Charlene in "very vulnerable" condition, says father

Princess Charlene is "very vulnerable" following a series of health issues.

The former swimmer's father opened up about her current state after months of treatment and surgeries in South Africa.


The mum-of-two recently returned to Monaco but shortly after her arrival, she decided to leave once again.

Charlene is now being treated in an undisclosed treatment facility. Michael Wittstock told You magazine in South Africa that Charlene is "very vulnerable".

"I didn't want to infect her either because she had so many medical interventions. She is very vulnerable," he revealed.

Charlene developed a severe ear, nose, and throat infection when she was in South Africa.


This caused severe sinus and swallowing issues "stemming back from an earlier surgery".

Prior to her May 2021 trip to South Africa, Charlene had a sinus lift and bone grafting procedure.

Following numerous medical procedures, the 43-year-old was advised to stay and recover in South Africa.


She underwent a four-hour surgery in August 2021. In September, she was rushed to hospital because of a medical emergency, citing ENT complications.

Princess Charlene underwent a final procedure on October 8th and returned to Monaco a month later.


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However, just days after returning, she canceled all royal duties due to ill-health and "deep fatigue".


A source told Page Six, "We don't know why the palace is downplaying that she almost died in South Africa.

"She has not been able to eat solid food in over six months because of all the surgeries she has since gone through. She has only been able to take in liquids through a straw, so she lost nearly half her body weight."

Following this news, Prince Albert spoke to People about his wife's personal health struggles.

He said it was clear she was not well when she returned home in early November.

She was "overwhelmed and couldn't face official duties, life in general or even family life".


"She has lost a lot of weight, which made her vulnerable to other potential ailments. A cold or the flu or God help us, Covid. Because I know there are rumours out there, let me say: This is not Covid."

He also said she is not being treated for cancer or having plastic surgery.

The 63-year-old added, "It's not a personal relationship issue."