Princess Charlotte is the most valuable member of the Royal Family 3 years ago

Princess Charlotte is the most valuable member of the Royal Family

Girl power, anyone?

So it will shock none of you to learn that the British Royal family are LOADED.


I know I know, it pays to be part of a Monarchy.

Anyway, I recently did a bit of research into what exactly the royals are worth - and what I found was glorious.

So, when it comes to actual money-in-pocket net worth, the Queen is obviously top of the list.

princess charlotte


She's sitting on a fortune of £500,000,000 - yes, there are quite a few zero's there.

However, interestingly, it is the lovely Princess Charlotte who reigns supreme, as the most valuable member of the family.

You may or may not know this, but Royal children do not technically have an official net worth.


Mainly because they're kids, who have not received any sort of royal income or allowance yet.

So when deciding on the net worth of royal children, the figure is based on their value to the British economy.

Currently, the estimated worth of Prince George is $3 billion... not too shabby.


His little sister, on the other hand, is worth a whopping $5 billion to the British economy.

The reason for Charlotte’s incredibly high value is largely due to her fashion influence; deemed as the “Charlotte effect.”

This makes her, in theory, the wealthiest and most valuable member of the royal family.

Not bad for a three-year-old.