Prue Leith responds to her son's comments about abortion 10 months ago

Prue Leith responds to her son's comments about abortion

Prue wrote an article sharing her own views on the subject.

Bake Off Judge Prue Leith has responded to comments her son made about abortion in the House of Commons.


Leith is the mother of Danny Kruger, a Conservative MP representing Devizes in Wiltshire. Earlier this week, Mr Kruger said that he doesn't agree that women should have an "absolute right to bodily autonomy".

On the issue of abortion access, he said that he would "probably disagree" with his colleagues.

He said: "They think that women have an absolute right to bodily autonomy in this matter, whereas I think in the case of abortion that right is qualified by the fact that another body is involved.

"I would offer to members who are trying to talk me down that this is a proper topic for political debate and my point to the frontbench is I don’t understand why we are lecturing the United States on a judgment to return the power of decision over this political question to the states, to democratic decision-makers, rather than leaving it in the hands of the courts."


Since he made the remarks, Prue has said that she will stand by her son, even if they differ on the issue.

Writing for The Spectator, the baker said that in the past week she's been "accused of spawning a monster", and that she finds the reaction on Twitter to be "upsetting".


In the article, she shares her own thoughts about abortion, which she admits are "not simple".

Prue writes that she believes women should "decide if they want to have a baby or not", however she later states that "you don’t have to be a Christian to think there is something wrong with a society where women expect to have an abortion every few years."

She refers to one instance in which she was in a room with four other women who disclosed whether or not they have had abortions, and that the majority in the room did have an abortion. However, she then suggests that she doesn't like the idea of "women being denied an abortion" either.

She later posits a conclusion that the adoption service should be "radically overhauled", with "the interests of children born and unborn at heart".