Royal fans reckon the Queen prefers Meghan to Kate for this pretty bizarre reason 2 years ago

Royal fans reckon the Queen prefers Meghan to Kate for this pretty bizarre reason

Bit of a stretch?

It seems as though people are constantly comparing Meghan Markle to Kate Middleton, and pitting them against each other.


We get it - they're both gorgeous, smart women that married princes.

But, Meghan and Kate are two very different people, which is why we love them both so much.

And now, it seems eagle eyed fans are even trying to bring the Queen into the Kate v Meghan debacle.

This week, Queen Elizabeth met with the new Prime Minister of The UK, Boris Johnson at Buckingham Palace.

A number of snaps were taken during the meeting of course, and the pictures have sparked a pretty wild theory.

Royal fans were admiring the family pictures the Queen had in the background, and picked up on something.

Meghan and Harry's wedding picture and Kate and William's wedding picture were both placed on a table in the background.


Cute right?

Meghan and Kate

Well, Meghan and Harry's was placed in front of Kate and William's - making people accuse the Queen of playing favourites.

Twitter reacted accordingly:

My nan always puts pics of her favourite grandkids and the front on the mantlepiece," wrote on tweeter.


Another said: "The positioning of the photos is so strategic."

"The fact that she’s put Harry and Meghan in a picture in front of the Cambridges is very interesting," wrote a third.

"She’s definitely hinting that she prefers Harry and Meg," said another.

Now, we do think this is a bit of a stretch.


The frame of Meghan and Harry's picture is smaller, so would naturally sit in front.

We're sure the Queen is not trying to tell us something.