Royal Family ban TV channels from using funeral footage 6 months ago

Royal Family ban TV channels from using funeral footage

They will be reviewed by royal staff.

Various TV channels have been banned from airing footage of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral again by the royal family.


After a 70 year reign, Queen Elizabeth passed away at age 96 on September 8th in Balmoral Castle.

The UK went into national mourning for 10 days and a state funeral on September 19th took place in Westminster Abbey, with the footage being broadcast across the globe.

With an estimated four billion people tuning in, certain moments from the day are now to be banned from ever being broadcast again.

Buckingham Palace made a deal with television broadcasters before they ever gave them access to the funeral in the first place.


It is now understood that BBC, ITV News, and Sky News have been contacted by members of the royal staff and asked if they could cut out specific time stamps from the TV coverage and for it to never be televised again.

Five segments from the video of the funeral, which feature the royal family, will be now removed from circulation, according to The Guardian.

These were moments that saw individual members of the royal family grieving and footage of a man lunging at the coffin while it sat in Westminster Hall.


Broadcasters have also been asked to put together a 60-minute compilation of the footage taken during the events which occurred over the 10 days which they can then air on TV again.

Royal staff will then review this and decide if there are any clips that need to be removed.

Social media platforms like TikTok will also be restricted in what footage can be shared from the funeral.