Royal family "concerned" that Meghan kept secret diary during time in UK 2 years ago

Royal family "concerned" that Meghan kept secret diary during time in UK

It could be worth millions.

With season four of The Crown arriving on Netflix, you can't help drawing comparisons between the fractured relationship Diana had with the royal family and the one they have with Meghan Markle.


Quite like the tell all interview Diana gave in 1995 where she revealed Charles was having an affair, the royal family are now concerned that Meghan might be planning a tell all of her own.

According to reports Meghan kept a secret diary during her time in the royal family and some believed she could make millions if she turned it into a memoir.

Given that the scandal with Prince Andrew happened during Meghan's time with the royal family there are probably discussions in her diary that the royal family do not want leaked to the public.


Meghan Markle

Royal insiders, however, don't believe Meghan would ever publish her diary.

"The fact they may exist and could contain material to embarrass the Royal Family is enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable, even though right now there is no reason to believe she has plans to publish," a royal source said.

"Meghan has always been a tremendous self-publicist. Her account of some of the more difficult times would worry everyone in the royal household."


That being said, given that there is no love lost between Meghan and the royal family and the treatment she says she received from them, there's still a good chance she could publish a memoir.

Earlier this year Meghan and Harry stepped down as senior members of the royal family and moved to Southern California with their son Archie.

The couple also refused to give their son Archie a title when he was born (which would be tradition) as they don't wish for him to have to follow royal protocols when he is older.