Ryan Reynolds explains why he looked so miserable in that Taylor Swift photo 5 years ago

Ryan Reynolds explains why he looked so miserable in that Taylor Swift photo

Poor Ryan!

For last year's 4th of July Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively spend the day celebrating with Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston (remember when that was a thing?) at Taylor's house.


One of Taylor's friends shared a photo of herself and her other half with the two celebrity couples on Instagram. The photo got so much attention because of Ryan's expression. While everyone looks happy/in love Ryan looks, well, miserable.

This became a huge joke across the internet with people asking what was up with poor Ryan.

Well now, you can sleep at night again, because Ryan recently cleared it all up in an interview, in typical Ryan Reynolds fashion.

“That’s a problem I’ve had all my life,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“If I’m not aware a photo is being taken, my natural resting face is one of a man dying. I had no idea somebody was taking a photo. Therefore I was resting comfortably in my persona of a man whose soul is visibly exiting this earth.”


Oh Ryan, never change!

While we're fairly certain his soul is not exiting earth, he obviously just wasn't  posing at the exact moment the picture was taken.

This just goes to show how ridiculous it is to read in to photos too much, Taylor and Tom look absolutely in love while Ryan and Blake seem less so, however, we all know that the acting couple are actually the most perfect pair ever.

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The lesson here is, don't over-analyse photographs.