Scarlett Moffatt just shared a selfie from ten years ago, and she looks SO different 3 years ago

Scarlett Moffatt just shared a selfie from ten years ago, and she looks SO different

Serious throwback.

We are absolutely mad about the divine Scarlett Moffatt.


Why? Well, she just seems like one of the gals - good craic and tres sound.

She's the kind of celeb we'd like to go on a night out with, if you get us?

Anyway, the fab Scarlett posted two side-by-side selfies today, while also sharing a very important message with her followers.

"Monday reflection," she started.


"These pictures are exactly ten years apart, yet I remember taking the one on the left like it’s yesterday and I remember at 18 constantly wishing I had finished uni, I had a career, my own house, that I looked a certain way etc."

"I’m here to say please don’t worry about what you will become tomorrow because if you do that you will forget you are someone today! Don't let what ifs and I wish ruin the present moment."


Amen to that, you absolute queen of the universe.

In the two pictures, Scarlett looks totally different, and nobody can argue that she's come a seriously long way in a decade.

Fans were quick to comment on the post, applauding Scarlett for her wise words:

"You're an amazing person, beautiful inside and out. You always look gorgeous with or without makeup! You're a great role model for young girls, you're such a genuine, kind and thoughtful person," wrote one fan.

Another said:

"I complete agree with this. I spent a lot of 2017 upset, down that I didn’t have my own house, things weren’t how I imagined. And if was a waste of time. I vowed last year would be different and I’m much happier for it. My life isn’t perfect or how I imagined, but I’m healthy, as is my daughter and family and we’re happy and that’s what matters."

How nice is that? Basically, we're all doing great.