Scarlette Douglas shares reaction to Jonnie Irwin's cancer diagnosis 2 weeks ago

Scarlette Douglas shares reaction to Jonnie Irwin's cancer diagnosis

So sad.

I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here star Scarlette Douglas has opened up about learning about her A Place In The Sun co-star Jonnie Irwin’s terminal cancer diagnosis.


Jonnie revealed earlier this month that he was given "months to live" after he was told his cancer had spread to his brain.

While other co-stars have shared their love and support for the presenter, Scarlette was in the jungle when the news broke about the seriousness of his illness.

"I had heard but I didn’t realise it was terminal which makes it sound imminent," she told The Sun after her exit.

"I knew that he wasn’t well, but I didn’t know this. I’ve come out and been told there was something in the papers that he is not well. I didn’t know the true extent of it.


"So of course I’m going to drop him a message now because that’s devastating because I know he’s got three young kids and he’s got a beautiful wife and he’s an amazing person."

Jonnie first became concerned something was wrong in August 2020 while filming for the show in Italy. His vision had become blurry while driving and he immediately went for blood tests when he got home.

"Within a week of flying back from filming, I was being given six months to live," he said. "I had to go home and tell my wife, who was looking after our babies, that she was on her own pretty much. That was devastating. All I could do was apologise to her. I felt so responsible."


He has since been undergoing chemotherapy and he’s continued to work despite his illness as the cancer drugs help to prolong his prognosis.