Singer Ciara cancelled her wedding over transphobic laws 6 years ago

Singer Ciara cancelled her wedding over transphobic laws

She is standing up against transphobia.

Ciara was due to marry  Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson in North Carolina this summer but then changed the location to England.


Speaking to The Knot News, their wedding planner Mindy Weiss explained why:

“They were first getting married in North Carolina, but they called it off due to the transgender bathroom laws.”

The laws Weiss is referring to is more commonly known as the HB2 law. The law, which was introduced in March, means that individuals must use the bathroom labelled with their biological gender, and if they use one labelled with the opposite gender they could be fined.

This is particularly difficult for those who identify as transgender although their birth certificate still states their biological gender.


Ciara and her husband decided against getting married there because of this law, and they just two of a long list of celebrities who have cancelled appearances and concerts in the state because of it.

Bruce Springsteen, Mumford and Sons, Ringo Starr and Cyndi Lauper all cancelled their shows because of the Bathroom bill.

Ciara and Russel instead, chose to get married in a beautiful castle in Cheshire. And from the pictures she shared on her Instagram we're guessing she's glad she did.

Just look at her stunning dress.




We admire the couple for standing up against an important cause, and by the looks of it, they had a wonderful day in spite of having to change the location.