Sorry, nah? Liam Payne and Naomi Campbell look like they might be dating 3 years ago

Sorry, nah? Liam Payne and Naomi Campbell look like they might be dating

Sorry, wha?

There are few couples in this world that you become aware of and think: nah, there's no way, it can't be, you are mistaken.


One of those couples is Brad Pitt and Sinitta. And the other is Liam Payne and Naomi Campbell.

But, we hear you cry, Liam Payne and Naomi Campbell are not dating.

They can't be. Do they even know each other? Have they eve met? This is not real life and you cannot convince us otherwise - it's too bizarre, too unlikely, too much punching for Liam because Campbell is a literal iconic supermodel.


But no, apparently they might actually be going out - and yeah, we're as shook as you are.

Here's some of the (pretty damning) evidence to suggest that this is actually happening and that we aren't just losing our minds.

Earlier this week, 48-year-old Naomi commented on a photo Liam shared of himself looking in a mirror. She wrote: "Beautiful soul" beneath the image which, alright, in itself is very little to cause alarm, she could just be really into mirror pics.


But then, 25-year-old Liam commented on a photo of Naomi from Paris Fashion Week saying: "Perfection in a person... Don't give me those eyes."

He also included a kissing face emoji.



Since announcing his split from Cheryl last year, Liam has been linked to a few other people - but none of them have been literal Naomi Campbell so they're not really worth mentioning.

The supermodel herself was rumoured to be dating Skepta a while back, but he's since had a baby with a mystery woman who isn't Naomi so it's probably safe to say that that isn't a thing that's happening anymore.

Now, it's entirely possible that Liam and Naomi are just mates and all of this excitement (and confusion) around their apparent romance is all for nothing.

... Or it's completely legit and Liam's going to write some more questionable saucy tracks about his new #flame.

Who can say for sure?