Spencer Matthews rules out moving back to Ireland with Vogue any time soon 1 year ago

Spencer Matthews rules out moving back to Ireland with Vogue any time soon

The couple own a stunning house in Co. Dublin.

As he awaits the arrival of baby number three, Spencer Matthews has ruled out the possibility of moving to Vogue Williams' hometown of Howth anytime soon.


The celebrity couple currently live in London with their two children - Theodore and Gigi - and while Spencer has professed his love for Howth, he shared that they are happy with their lives across the pond.

On Ireland AM, Spencer spoke to Alan Hughes and Tommy Bowe about his love for his wife's homeland.

He said: "Who doesn't love Ireland? And I'm not saying that because I happen to be in the studio."

The Made in Chelsea star and entrepreneur made reference to the home they own in Howth, and while he said that they're not going to rule out the possibility of moving to Ireland permanently, they have no plans to do so imminently.


He said: "We've got a place up the hill in Howth, which is absolutely beautiful, we come when we can. We're never going to close the door on that possibility."

Spencer went on: "I think where we are currently, with our careers, it probably makes more sense to be in London right now. But the door will never be shut."

The couple are expecting their third child, a baby boy, soon.

While Spencer revealed that they have selected a name, he didn't reveal it on the show, but added that he loves Irish names.


Recently, Vogue shared that trolls have been targeting her daughter Gigi with online abuse.

On her podcast, My Therapist Ghosted Me, Vogue said that she cannot bear to read the negative comments.

She told co-host Joanne McNally: "I just don’t look at the comments anymore because they’re too mean. I don’t do it anymore."

She added that Gigi "gets it the worst", and recalled an incident in which a mum accidentally sent her a cruel message about her when she was just two-and-a-half months old.


Vogue said: "This is so f***ing wrong that you’re slagging off a (baby). She was so apologetic. She was so embarrassed. She was a mum! Like, whatever you get up to in your free time, that’s fine, but that’s so f***ing weird especially coming from a mother."