Stacey Solomon gives fans a glimpse at Rose's wedding outfit 2 months ago

Stacey Solomon gives fans a glimpse at Rose's wedding outfit

Stacey's wedding is just around the corner.

Stacey Solomon has given fans a glimpse at daughter Rose's wedding outfit.


The presenter is set to tie the knot at her home Pickle Cottage this month.

Stacey has been busy preparing for her nuptials for the past few weeks and has been sharing the journey with her millions of followers.

The mum has posted everything from her wedding door to glimpses of her dress and even hinted at how her hair will be styled on her big day.

Most recently, Stacey revealed part of her daughter's wedding outfit. Her little girl Rose will obviously play a very important part in the big day and she has the cutest outfit for it.


"Rose's dress is being made from the cuts of my dress," Stacey revealed.

"So I wanted to make her some shoes to match mine."

"I bought her glittery bows on Etsy and then I stuck them on her baby shoes. Now we fully match."


Earlier this month, Stacey confirmed she would marry Swash at the end of July.

"I can not believe it’s already July and we are getting married at the end of the month.

"I can’t believe it’s actually happening."

Stacey previously admitted that she was worried about her wedding because she wasn't "a young virgin bride".


"I started feeling really conscious about not being, well I don't know, a young virgin bride. I know that's ridiculous because I wouldn't have done life any other way EVER.

The presenter said she's so grateful for how her life has turned out.

"But I suppose sometimes those old-fashioned narratives make you feel that way, don’t they?"