Stacey Solomon opens up about the fear of ending up on the streets 8 months ago

Stacey Solomon opens up about the fear of ending up on the streets

"I could be on the streets"

Stacey Solomon has opened up about the fear of ending up on the streets.


The mum explained that her father grew up with very little so she knows how quickly things can change.

She admitted that she never takes anything for granted because of her past.

She told The Mirror;

"My dad is from a background where he had nothing, like literally nothing, so we could have nothing again.


"Even to this day I think, 'Well, we're comfortable now but something's going to go wrong at some point, it won't stay like this forever.' It's inherent."


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Stacey explained that the fear of losing everything is something that constantly hangs over her. She said you just can't take anything for granted.

"So, you're constantly thinking, 'I'd better hold on to that and I'd better not waste that' because in a few months' time I could be on the streets."


"It's that fear, passed down from generations. And a lot of people have that fear," she explained.

"My whole attitude has always been take it, enjoy it, work your socks off, and see what happens."

Stacey is set to welcome her fifth child in the coming weeks. The mum revealed she was pregnant again in December.

However, Stacey said this pregnancy was a total surprise and she didn't realise she was expecting until late into her pregnancy.


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