David Harbour is willing to marry this couple for retweets 4 years ago

David Harbour is willing to marry this couple for retweets

It's possible.

A Stranger Things fan named Erika went out on a whim the other day by tweeting her favourite star, David Harbour, and asked him to conduct her wedding ceremony.


And as bizarre as it sounds, it looks like it could actually be a possibility. The 42-year-old star of the Netflix series replied by saying that for 125,000 retweets he would not only perform the ceremony but get ordained too making the whole event legit. Mad.

The response post which hasn't even been live a day already has 63,000 retweets meaning this could actually happen.


The actor also stated that he will only do it if it fits around the shooting of Stranger Things season three. Something we are beyond excited for.

This isn't David's first time agreeing to requests by retweets. The star previously agreed in October to take a girl's senior pictures with her if her tweet got 25,000 retweets and guess what... it got 30,000.


So you know what happened next...

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Absolutely epic.